Instead Counselling
How does it work?
Quite simply really -

Whether you have attended counselling before or not, you will find the atmosphere of an on line counselling appointment relaxing, affirmative and safe. It allows you much more flexibility in planning your appointment times and gives you access to a qualified counsellor without leaving your home or office.

This service uses Skype, the most widely available, low cost, online communication alternative available. You can decide on whether you use video or audio only. Skype is a free download and, when used between computers, does not incur any fees apart from your normal broadband service provider costs.

You can schedule an appointment with a qualified counsellor at a time which suits you.
You can also work with the counsellor from the comfort and familiarity of your own home
Costs are reduced to a minimum, flexibility maximised and you are in control
Since the service is provided over the internet using Skype, you can share as much information or identity as you wish with the Counsellor. While counselling does work best in an open and trusting environment, you may wish to start with a Skype name and identity to suit your own requirements.
Robyn Hannah has a University level counselling qualification, which included clinical placements. She is currently providing face to face counselling. Robyn is an associate member of a PACFA accredited Association and works to PACFA standards.
Robyn has regular Group and Individual supervision by Supervisors as required by PACFA. Details of supervision can be provided on request.
Robyn has appropriate experience to provide this Service. Details can be obtained from the her Counsellor Profile.
Skype sessions are offered at the very affordable price of $50 per session.This provides you with access to the most affordable personal counselling in Australia. See the online Booking Calendar.
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Instead Counselling takes advantage of the move to online health services using modern communication technology.
Instead Counselling also offers face to face appointments in Lismore.
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