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Confidentiality and Security
Instead Counselling respects your confidentiality.

Our Counsellors do keep case notes to assist them with continuing contact with you. These notes are held in electronic documents protected by passwords on the Instead server. The documents only identify clients by their client number. Names and other identifying information are not kept as part of the case notes. This provides a level of security in excess of most counselling agencies.

If you decide to work with Instead Counselling, you will be asked to fill out a Contact Form. This form allows you to provide as much, or as little information as you wish. As a minimum we require a valid email address, a Skype user name and a name you wish to be know by. You can, if you wish, provide full name, address and phone numbers, but this is up to you. You will need to make payments to the Instead account and this can either be done by a direct deposit, using your Client Number or via Paypal.

All counselling agencies and counsellors are required to break confidentiality in certain circumstances. If the Counsellor determines that you, or someone else, is at risk of physical harm or if a minor is, or is at risk of sexual abuse.

As part of the counselling agreement you will need to sign the Counselling Consent Form

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